Growing Corn: From Seeding to Feeding (March 14 2019 workshop)

The Economics: Silage vs Grazing 2019.03.14
Presentation done by Travis Peardon, Livestock and Feed Extension Specialist with the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture

Using Corn Silage in Cow/Calf and Backgrounding Rations (part 1 of 2) 2019.03.14
Using Corn Silage in Cow/Calf and Backgrounding Rations (Part 2 of 2) 2019.03.14
Presentation done by John Mckinnon, JJM Nutrition Services Inc

Irrigation Scheduling and Crop Water Use of Corn 2019.03.14
Presentation done by Joel Peru, Irrigation Agrologist with the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture.

SCIC Corn Program Enhancements 2019.03.14
Presentation done by Kim Mclean, Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation

Grazing Whole Plant Corn in Cow-Calf Systems 2019.03.14
Presentation from “Growing Corn: From Seeding To Feeding” workshop that took place on March 14th 2019 in Outlook SK.
Presentation done by Dr. Bart Lardner, University of Saskatchewan

Program Funding for Cattle Producers and 2018 Silage Corn Variety Trial 2019.03.14
Presentation done by Luke Jorgensen, Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture

Agricultural Biosecurity 2019.03.14
Presentation done by Kaeley Kindrachuk, Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture

The Secrets of a Successful Corn Crop 2019.03.14
Presentation done by Gina Sentes, Corteva AgriScience.

Enhancing Fertilizer Efficiency 2019 03 14
Presentation done by Gary Kruger, Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture