About ICDC

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ICDC was formed to provide producers with sound crop management practices when producing under irrigated conditions.

ICDC’s focus is on the research and demonstration needs of Saskatchewan’s irrigation farmers. ICDC works to ensure that these needs are met.

There are currently 19 irrigation districts that collect and pay an annual levy on behalf of their members. All non-district irrigators are considered members of ICDC and are required to pay the levy on the annual basis as defined in the Irrigation Act 2019.  ICDC also seeks grants and other governmental and industry support. Collectively, these funds provide ICDC with the resources to carry out its mandate, as defined by the Irrigation Act 2019.

ICDC Vision

To be the leading research and development organization for maximizing the value of irrigation.

ICDC Mission

To research and provide leadership in irrigation production.

Flowering Canola
Flowering Canola

ICDC Objectives

  • To research and demonstrate to producers and irrigation districts profitable agronomic practices for irrigated crops
  • To develop or assist in developing varieties of crops suitable for irrigated conditions
  • To provide land, facilities, and technical support to researchers to conduct research into irrigation technology, cropping systems, and soil and water conservation measures under irrigation and to provide information respecting that research to district consumers, irrigation districts and the public
  • To co-operate with the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture to promote and develop sustainable irrigation in Saskatchewan.

Affiliation with Agri-ARM Sites

ICDC is one of 8 sites that are supported through provincial Agriculture-Applied Research Management (Agri-ARM) funding. This network of producer-directed applied research and demonstration organizations located across Saskatchewan participate in joint projects to promote agronomic findings for producers province-wide. The AgriARM network website is here.