Irrigation Crop Diversification Corporation

Box 1460, Outlook, SK  S0L 2N0

ICDC Staff

Gursahib Singh, PhD.
Research Director
Irrigation Research & Demonstration Program
Ph: (306) 867-5405     email Gursahib Singh

Anne Marie McGowan
Research Associate
Ph: (306) 867-9104     email Anne Marie McGowan

Gavin Pederson
Field Research Technician
Ph: (306) 867-2101     email Gavin Pederson

Brenda Joyes
Executive Administrator
Ph: (306) 867-5669     email Brenda Joyes

Anna Simonson
Administrative Assistant
Ph: (306) 867-5669     email Anna Simonson

Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture

Staff from the Crops and Irrigation branch in Outlook who assist ICDC carry out its mandate:

Kelly Farden, PAg
Manager, Agronomy Services 
ICDC Program Administration
Ph: (306) 867-5507     email Kelly Farden

Cara Drury, PAg
Irrigation Agrologist
Crops and Irrigation Branch
Ph: (306) 867-5517     email Cara Drury

Morgan Cote, AAg
Irrigation Agrologist
Field and Horticulture Crops, Irrigation Scheduling, Fertility Management
Ph: (306) 860-7201     email Morgan Cote

Travis Peardon, PAg,
Provincial Irrigation Agrologist
Livestock and Fed Extension Specialist
Ph: (306) 867-5504     email Travis Peardon

Irrigation Saskatchewan Directors, effective April 1st, 2024.

Incorporated under The Irrigation Act, 2019, Irrigation Saskatchewan is governed by a board of 11 members: nine are elected irrigators; two are appointed by the provincial government.

Jeff Ewen, Co-Chair
Northern Development Area (NDA)

Aaron Gray, Co-Chair
Southeast Irrigation Development Area (SEDA)

Grant Pederson
Lake Diefenbaker Development Area (LDDA)

Miles Heck
Southwest Irrigation Development Area (SWDA)

Elmer Palmer
Southwest Irrigation Development Area (SWDA)

Kirsten Oram, 1st Vice Chair
Private Irrigator

Matthew Lawless, 2nd Vice Chair
Lake Diefenbaker Development Area (LDDA)

David Bagshaw
Lake Diefenbaker Development Area (LDDA)

Stephanie Boyle
Private Irrigator

Kelly Farden
Manager, Agronomy Services
Ministry of Agriculture

Dianna Emperingham
Executive Director, Crops and Irrigation
Ministry of Agriculture


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